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What makes our process stand out in a crowded industry, starts with the background of our company. CEO and Founder Brady Bell brings more than 40,000 hours of cannabis industry experience and a rich history of farming in rural America. That knowledge and understanding of the marketplace is illustrated in our company’s products – and every step they go through before they reach your hands.

We ensure purity and potency and efficacy through third-party testing, with the results of every batch made available on our website, giving you the peace of mind that every Pure Spectrum product you buy is THC-free. With hundreds of drug-tested professional athletes, and men and women in uniform making up our loyal customer base – it is imperative that our product labeling accurately and honestly represent what these athletes and heroes are putting in their bodies. We view this as our duty to you – to regulate ourselves in an, as of yet, unregulated industry. We do this because we believe we should, not because anyone told us to.

As we expand our reach across the globe, we are expanding our acreage of family farms across America’s Heartland. CEO Brady Bell’s commitment to bring back the “Million-Dollar Farmer” in America is perhaps most clearly illustrated by our company’s investment in the future of our farms. A $25 million dollar, state-of-the-art processing facility and farming operation in Newton, Kansas will be operational in January of 2020. This effort shows our level of commitment to redefining America’s agriculture industry, while simultaneously increasing our level of vertical integration. In addition to our efforts in Kansas, Pure Spectrum is also working closely with The Department of Transportation to establish better guidelines for harvested hemp, based on practices already used by the food and beverage industry. This effort will not only lead to a better product for Pure Spectrum, but shows our dedication to improving our industry as a whole, for all CBD customers, not just ours.

That will always be our commitment to you – that we will value what is best for our customers and farmers over what is best for our wallets. We will always be innovative, disruptive, and dedicated. Pure Spectrum’s mission is to improve your quality of life by introducing you to the healing powers of the hemp plant. We will do this by placing our industry as a whole above ourselves – and by placing our customer above everything else. CEO Brady Bell consistently reminds our team to, “focus on the customer and every other decision becomes easy.” The result of that quote, his vision, and our entire team’s execution is – The Pure Spectrum Advantage.


In 2018, owners Shane Camilletti, Mark Samuelson, Dylan Smuts, Mike Williams, and Erik Ebbessen, founded Colorado River Hemp. Starting with 25 acres in Loma, Colorado, our group had a successful grow which yielded 18,500 pounds of raw biomass with a high grade CBD. In 2019, we decided to expand our operation to a 140 acre grow, located in Cisco, Utah. Riding on the success of 2018, we elected to sell off 22.5% of the company to four additional partners which has allowed us to launch its our own greenhouse operation to grow seedlings and start a feminized seed project. Producing a high quality product that is able to be traced from farm to table is the primary goal of Colorado River Hemp.

We are extremely excited to partner with Pure Spectrum CBD starting in 2019 and look forward to building something very special in the coming years. We feel like our visions are aligned and that between us we can bring an extremely high quality product to the marketplace.

Our most recent farm, Greener Fields, was formed in October 2018 as a true grass roots effort. It’s a coop of families who, through innovation, hard work and a little bit of universal blessing, built a 60-acre boutique hemp farm in 9 months. Together with a cooperative partner Boone Farms, Greener Fields aims to harvest almost 200 acres of high quality feminized industrial hemp in year one.

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